Fjällräven Classic

Final words

Written by Andreas Cederlund 18 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

In a small room at Abisko Tourist Station where I sat and tried to work for a while, sounds of applause followed by laughter and cheers where heard from the participants who had just crossed the finish line after a … Fortsätt läsa »

The winner of the “Trash Bag Competition”

We have a winner in the Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag Competition. The winner carried 6.8 kg down from the mountains and about 1000 kg of trash was carried down. Thank you for helping to keep the mountains free from trash!

In Abisko the party is still going on!

Written by Andreas Cederlund 16 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

While we where waiting for the last participants to arrive to Abisko The Chickpeas Band played some really good songs for us. For all of you who could not be there, here is their song “Southern Winds” filmed live in … Fortsätt läsa »

Day 4 – Finish in Abisko

Written by Andreas Cederlund 12 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

Today Abisko begun to be filled with happy and proud walkers who managed to hike the challenging 110 km from Nikkaluokta to Abisko. The applause was many when Jeanette Jern and Ewa Wikland crossed the finish line just before 23:00. … Fortsätt läsa »

Day 3 – Last day in Nikkaluokta

Written by Andreas Cederlund 12 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

All 8 starting groups have started from Nikkaluokta. Among the last people who left Nikkaluokta was ten years old Robert Sliwinski from Poland. His first goal was to reach Kebnekaise in the afternoon together with his father Robert and the rest … Fortsätt läsa »

Day 2 – More from Nikkaluokta

Written by Andreas Cederlund 10 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

After a cold night, – 6 °C have been reported from some checkpoints, the sun shine again in Nikkaluokta. Everything is going well and today approximately 760 excited participants has started. Among the starters were Salomé Bach from the Netherlands, only 14 months old and Fjällräven … Fortsätt läsa »

Day 1 – Starts in Nikkaluokta

Written by Andreas Cederlund 9 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

Finally start! All the participants in the first three start groups have now started the 110 km trek from a mostly sunny Nikkaluokta. Fast or slow, young or old, all seemed equally excited to start the long adventure with end in Abisko. Do not miss today’s movies … Fortsätt läsa »

Soon its time to start!

Written by Andreas Cederlund 6 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

It´s just a few days left to start and we hope you are as excited as we are. Before starting, we want to remind you to read the important information and the rules in this PDF. German version here. We … Fortsätt läsa »


Written by Andreas Cederlund 11 Jul, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

Our friends at Primus will arrange a photo competition during Fjällräven Classic, have your batteries well charged! #mealsatclassic Capture your most scenic meal during Fjällräven Classic and win a brand new Primus Eta Express! Share your photo through Instagram to enter the contest. Don’t forget to … Fortsätt läsa »

Transfer and Food

Written by Andreas Cederlund 11 Jun, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

The Fjällräven Classic is approaching and it is high time to start preparing for the trek. Let us know your time of arrival, transfer and departure: For us to be able to plan all shuttle buses in the best way … Fortsätt läsa »