Exiting days in the birds nest

Written by Nils Grundberg 23 May, 2011 in "Uncategorized"

Here is a summary of the last exiting days in the birds nest.

A great winter break

Written by Nils Grundberg 18 Feb, 2011 in "Uncategorized"

How would you define a great winter break? Late mornings, preferably, but also playing with friends. We would probably say that a really great winter break is spent outdoors. With family, perhaps even several families. And while there is something … Fortsätt läsa »

How to enjoy yourself for three months in the wild

Written by Nils Grundberg 11 Jan, 2011 in "Uncategorized"

David Erixon and Fredrik Vestergård have gone approximately 1300 kilometres on cross country skis through-out the Swedish mountains with one constant goal – to enjoy themselves. Instead of seeking praise for their adventures the melody of their jourey was more about … Fortsätt läsa »

Welcome to our blog!

Written by Jerry Engström 2 Aug, 2010 in "Uncategorized"

Welcome to our blog! We thought that we should make it even easier for us to stay in touch with each other. That is why we have created this blog. Here we hope to be able to have a much … Fortsätt läsa »