Impregnate stretch fabric?

Written by Nils Grundberg 29 Apr, 2013 in "Product Care"

Many already know that you can wax your G-1000 garments with Greenland Wax to adapt the garments. But how do you handle hybrid trousers like the Keb Trousers?

First of all let’s explain what we mean with hybrid trousers; it’s a mix between G-1000 our most important material ímproved with stretch fabric on certain important spots of the trouser. This to make them more flexible, for more freedom of movement.

First of all, if you happen to put wax on the trousers there is no harm done! But how do you   impregnate the stretch fabric? Well, you can simply use an environmentally friendly waterproofing with PU base (for example Green Guard Spray On).

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  • Larry Walker

    Instead of using greenland wax on my deerstalker jacket, any suggestions please. Or where am I going wrong when I end up with lots of white marks after washing ,it can be warmed back in but not looking good.

  • Renata

    hello!can you help me?how can i wipe off the paint from the Karl Shorts, becouse I’m afraid to screw up a textille((