Nordkalotten – the Nordic Cap

Written by Nils Grundberg 31 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

The arcic regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland are called Nordkalotten. It connects three (not including Russia) countries with no “real” borders. The people of the northern parts has lived here since the stone age. The area was multicultural even before the word was invented. here lives the Sami people who still herds reindeers in the area.

But they have not been alone. Fishers and hunters lived in the coastal regions long before the age of Vikings (800 to 1050 AD). Other pioneers settled here after the medieval times. The Fjällräven Polar teams will travel from west to east, like the ancient trade routes, like the Sami follow their eight season herding “schedule”.

The area today hosts both the traditional nomad people of the north and hypermodern Esrange rocket launch station, Sweden’s answer to cape Canaveral. Some of the main employers in the area are the big mining companies. But tourist industryrelated operations are gaining momentum. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, is known all over the world. The arctic regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland cover 30 percent of the area. But only five percent of the country’s population live here.

Extreme facts

Lowest temperature:
Malgovik, Lappland, 1941 December 13, – 53 degrees Celsius

Highest wind speed:
Tarfala, Lappland, 1992, December 20, 81 meters per secound.

Largest snow depth:
Kopparåsen, 1926 February 13, 327 centimetres.

Longest visibility: 75-100 kilometres

Shortest visibility: 0 centimetres

Fjällräven Polar

Kappåive in Lappland

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  • Marloes Robijn

    Wow, -53! I can’t even imagine that! Can people go outside in this cold, when wearing the right clothing? Must be great though! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kurnisurni Kurnia Suryani

    looking forward to lap dance in Lappland :D

  • Stefan

    Sehr intressant diese Berichte. Ich selber träume von dieser Gegend.
    Die richtige Ausrüstung ist Wichtig. Vielleicht ist  das ein oder andere aus unserem Bereich Forsttechnik oder Fahrzeugtechnik dafür zu gebrauchen!