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Fjällräven Polar 2014, the application is open

Written by Andreas Cederlund 16 Nov, 2013 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Cold, dark and windy. Far, far from home. We believe that everyone can enjoy Fjällräven Polar, and now it’s time again, why not take the opportunity to apply for the experiencing adventure of a lifetime! Ps. The new grants with … Fortsätt läsa »

Find your Perfect Adventure with Fjällräven Experiences

Written by Andreas Cederlund 10 Sep, 2013 in "Fjällräven Experiences"

One of Fjällräven’s primary aims – alongside producing excellent outdoor clothing and equipment – is to inspire more people to enjoy outdoor life. This is why we organise events such as Fjällräven Polar and Fjällräven Classic, and also the reason … Fortsätt läsa »

7 Quick Questions for Kenth

Written by Andreas Cederlund 1 Feb, 2012 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Fjällräven Polar is starting in two and a half months in Norwegian Signaldalen. Kenth Fjellborg is a professional dog musher and one of the founders of the event. He has also organized Fjällräven Polar ten times. Kenth and his dogs … Fortsätt läsa »

Our Fjällräven Polar winners will be announced 29 November

Written by Nils Grundberg 21 Nov, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

We think that you all have made such great applications for Fjällräven Polar, this makes it really hard for us to decide which ones we will pick. Therefor we need you to wait a little bit longer. We will announce … Fortsätt läsa »

Nordkalotten – the Nordic Cap

Written by Nils Grundberg 31 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

The arcic regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland are called Nordkalotten. It connects three (not including Russia) countries with no “real” borders. The people of the northern parts has lived here since the stone age. The area was multicultural even … Fortsätt läsa »

How can you get more than 2400 votes – meet Grzegorz Linda

Written by Nils Grundberg 27 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

I got a hold of Grzegorz Linda who is right now the over all leader in the Fjällräven Polar contest with more then 2400 votes! How has he managed to get as many votes and what is it that drives … Fortsätt läsa »

A few statistics along the way

Written by Nils Grundberg 25 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

As we have said we are overwhelmed by all the great applications we have received for Fjällräven Polar. But how are things going? How many people have applied? How many have voted? And which countries are the most popular? Time … Fortsätt läsa »

Properly equipped for an adventure 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

Written by Andreas Cederlund 21 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Fjällräven Polar’s participants are going to experience the fantastic natural environment of the far north during their time with us, but they are even going to experience its extreme climate. The Fjällräven Polar route travels through a region which has … Fortsätt läsa »

Film-applications: Simple tip on how to get more votes

Written by Nils Grundberg 20 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

I am really impressed by how good you are at getting votes; a simple tip for how to get more votes is to link your application directly from your YouTube film. Add the link under your film, so people who … Fortsätt läsa »

Thanks for all the fantastic applications!

Written by Nils Grundberg 19 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

We are overwhelmed by the amount of great applications we have received for Fjällräven Polar. Since the application period opened on Saturday (Oct 15) we have received 500 applications from twenty different countries. Each morning when we get to the … Fortsätt läsa »