Fjällraven Abisko Trousers Review

Written by Andreas Cederlund 14 Apr, 2014 in "Product reviews"

The Abisko Trousers, our technical trekking trousers that combine stretch and G-1000 for high mobility and durability has been tested by one of the leading outdoor magazines in the UK Trailblazer Outdoors.

Fjällräven Polar 2014

Written by Andreas Cederlund 7 Apr, 2014 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Finally Fjällräven Polar 2014 has finally started, 20 participants from all over the world have gathered in Stockholm for onward transport to Signaldalen north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, where Fjällräven Polar starts. Follow the adventure!


Akka Endurance 3, “gear of the year” 2013

Written by Andreas Cederlund 17 Dec, 2013 in "Awards"

We are happy and proud, our tent Akka Endurance 3 was selected as the outdoor product of the year by the leading outdoor magazine, Utemagasinet, in Sweden. In recent years, Kajka and Akka Dome has won these awards as well. Functional and easy to use was the main reason.

Akka Endurance 3
Akka Endurance 3, “gear of the year” 2013 by Swedish outdoor magazine Utemagasinet.

Storm Test; Akka Endurance

Fjällräven Polar 2014, the application is open

Written by Andreas Cederlund 16 Nov, 2013 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Cold, dark and windy. Far, far from home. We believe that everyone can enjoy Fjällräven Polar, and now it’s time again, why not take the opportunity to apply for the experiencing adventure of a lifetime!
Ps. The new grants with the most votes between 12 and 12 every day have the chance to win a Nordic Heater. Ds


Father’s Day is approaching

Written by Andreas Cederlund 6 Nov, 2013 in "Our daily work"

Father’s Day is approaching in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia and Norway – how will you celebrate your outdoorsy dad?

We have a tip: look up a nice place in nature, make a big bonfire, bring good food, and gather the whole family and maybe some friends. Warm clothes hot drinks in thermos and sandwiches or hot dogs to cook over the open fire – that’s a perfect recipe for a great Father’s Day.

But it is also fun even with surprises and gifts! We have collected some ideas for gifts for the outdoorsy father. From warm wool hats to durable shirts, trousers – warm and functional for outdoor family days in the forest.farsdag-fjallraven

Hat: Byron Hat Thin, Shirt: Sarek Heavy Flannel Shirt,Trousers: Greenland Jeans, Belt: Murena Silver Belt

Outdoor reader’s choice 2013

Written by Andreas Cederlund 18 Oct, 2013 in "Awards"

Proudly with two awards in the baggage we just came back from the award ceremony of the German Outdoor Reader’s choice 2013.

We won the following prizes in the readers’ survey of the outdoor magazine:

Best brand 2013, category clothing, first place

Milestones in the outdoor industry, third place

The Outdoor reader’s choice is based on readers’ survey of the outdoor magazine.

The following readers participated in the survey:
A total of 2,747 participants (96 % from Germany , 2% from Switzerland , 1% from Austria , 1% of remaining abroad)
Ø age : 39.1 years
37% women and 63 % men


Övik Family, functional and versatile products inspired by our heritage

Written by Jerry Engström 14 Oct, 2013 in "Families"


It is no coincidence that it was in Örnsköldsvik, or “Övik” as the city is often called, that a 14 year old boy started to construct his own backpack frames out of wood. Those backpack frames would become the foundation of Fjällräven.

Here, nature plays a large role in people’s lives. Nature is a strong source of energy and community.

Close to nature

One of the greates things about Övik is that the city and it’s surroundings are so close to nature.

This means that it is easy to head out into nature, which is one of the reasons Örnsköldsvik was named Sweden’s best Outdoor Municipality in 2011.

Here you will find forests expanses, lakes teeming with fish, bays and inlets.

The bright days of spring merge almost seamlessly into bright nights, and the summer offers everything from trekking and climbing to kayaking and fishing.

Winter offers glistning white snow and activities such as skiing and snowshoeing before the often starry nights put on a show of dancing northern lights.

World Heritage

Örnsköldsvik is part of the High Coast, and area which has been named one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

The land elevation makes this area unlike anywhere else in the world. Nowwhere else has the land risen out of the sea after the last ice age as high as it has here.

The result is a natural phenomena such as forested mountain tops, scree fields and exciting caves. And all of this is surrounded by coastal mountains, deep virgin forests and glittering coastline.

The Övik Family

It is from this fascinating environment that we have found inspiration for our Övik Family, a line of durable and functional garments that are perfect for both everyday wear and the outdoors.

ovik-lite-vest-ovik-jacket Övik Lite Jacket and the Övik Lite Vest, Övik products work as well on the trail as they do in town after a hike.

Find your Perfect Adventure with Fjällräven Experiences

Written by Andreas Cederlund 10 Sep, 2013 in "Fjällräven Experiences"

One of Fjällräven’s primary aims – alongside producing excellent outdoor clothing and equipment – is to inspire more people to enjoy outdoor life. This is why we organise events such as Fjällräven Polar and Fjällräven Classic, and also the reason behind us having so many tips and so much information on outdoor life here on our blog and website.

Now we are taking an additional step: Together with a number of our ambassadors and partners we are launching a new concept – Fjällräven Experiences.

Experiences out of the ordinary

Fjälräven Experiences are events that promise participants unique journeys out in the wilderness, in places that only few have the chance to visit without assistance. All events are organised and led by extremely competent guides and instructors.

We think that Fjällräven Experiences will help spread our passion for outdoor life and that they share outdoor skills and knowledge in an exciting way, so we at Fjällräven want more people to know that these events exist and are available. However, note that Fjällräven does not organise these events, they are instead run by our capable ambassadors.


Fjällräven Experience 1: The Wildness North of the Arctic Circle

Our first Epic Experience is a dog sledding adventure with Fjellborg Arctic Journeys. If the company sounds familiar, it is probably because it is run by Kenth Fjellborg, chief guide for Fjällräven Polar and one of Sweden’s most experienced dog sledders.

Four days with your own sled dog team, education in winter outdoor life, overnighting in both tents and private lodges, the chance to see the Northern Lights – these are just a few of the ingredients in this Epic Experience that will be held several times during the winter of 2014.

If this sounds interesting, read more about it here.

Some words with the Swedish Outdoor Chef Anders Klint

Written by Nils Grundberg 26 Aug, 2013 in "Outdoor food"

Those of you who like to eat well in the outdoors have some excellent reading to look forward to on the Fjällräven blog. Outdoor chef Anders Klint will be writing a number of blog posts where he will be sharing tips on cooking outdoors.anders-klint-eng

Anders is originally from Uppsala but for the last 30 years his saucepans have been simmering over camp fires on all the world’s continents where he has worked as a cook at mountain cabins, on hiking trips and kayaking tours. He is currently living in Helsinki where he is working on a new book and teaching catering chefs, outdoor guides and schools the art of cooking good food out in the open.

How did you become an outdoor chef?
– I wanted to work with something that let me travel a lot so I trained to become a chef. That was back in the 70s, before being a chef was anything flashy. While out Euro-railing I met an Italian restaurateur on Elba and stayed there and worked for him. He also had a hotel in the Italian Alps, in Courmayeur, so I went there with him for the winter. Once there I started accompanying groups of hikers and cooking for them outdoors. One thing led to another, travel agencies began contacting me, I wrote a book about cooking outdoors – Utekokboken – and then things have just continued on from there, there have been more books, kids’ TV shows etc.

What characterises cooking outdoors?
– When we cook in primitive conditions we have to be flexible and use what we have. Maybe you can’t get hold of any basil, but there is something else you can use. So I leave a lot of options open when I write my recipes, I think that it is important that the person reading them can fill in the gaps and be creative.

What should you always have with you when cooking outdoors?
– Matches and a knife; knives are not only good for cutting and slicing but also for other jobs such as turning or stirring. Fuel can usually be found outdoors so that is not as important. But your raw ingredients must be taken with you of course.

Do you have any favourite ingredients?
– I like meat and fish, but they are not the main focus when I cook. I like to focus on flavourings, the meat and fish are more like accompaniments. I prefer to cook over an open fire, it gives the food a delicious smoky flavour and it is easier than cooking with a small camping stove. In Scandinavia we are allowed to have campfires almost everywhere, but this is not the case in other places in Europe so then I use a camping stove. And camping stoves today are so good that it is almost like cooking at home.

– I prefer cooking in cast iron pots and pans if possible. They are a bit heavy to take with you when out hiking, but they are perfect for kayaking trips. I also often use a Dutch Oven, an iron dish with a good-fitting lid. You can find good cooking pots away from outdoor stores too, for example a paella pan is excellent to fry things in and Asian stores often sell lightweight woks. Everything can be cooked in a wok, except coffee perhaps, and packing it under the top flap of your backpack helps protect everything inside from rain.

It sounds like you have lots of great tips to share. What are you going to write about on the blog?
– About preparations and how to cook in a tent vestibule. How to pack food in your backpack and plan what ingredients to take with you. And I will also give tips on how to create a good atmosphere at the campsite, so everyone is warm, satisfied and happy.

One last question: Are there any occasions that you prefer freeze-dried food
– Yes, absolutely. Freeze dried food is perfect as an emergency provision, if you have to stay put and wait for a storm to pass, for example. Then it is perfect to have a few freeze-dried meals in your pack so you can get home without starving to death. And MRE, Meals Ready to Eat, are good to have at hand in case someone in the group has a sudden drop in blood sugar.

Final words

Written by Andreas Cederlund 18 Aug, 2013 in "Fjällräven Classic"

In a small room at Abisko Tourist Station where I sat and tried to work for a while, sounds of applause followed by laughter and cheers where heard from the participants who had just crossed the finish line after a 110 km trek. The sound made me curious, how was their trek? What have they experienced? What were their feelings when they reached the finish line? Everyone has a unique story that is interesting to listen to!

I have met hundreds of people during the week of Fjällräven Classic, both before the start in Kiruna, during the trek between Keb and Alesjaure and after the finish in Abisko. I have met the oldest of the participants (76 years), one of the youngest (14 months) and all ages and nationalities in between. I’ve heard the most amazing stories from participants that I will always carry with me.

Although we are in roadless land far away from civilization without mobile coverage, we have tried to provide daily reports from the trek with our own web-film crew, a way to try to show the event for everyone who could not be there this year. Click here to see them.

It is extremely rewarding to see that we have a strong trend with significantly fewer participants breaking along the trek and that people are taking it a bit easier overall, the median time that people are out on the trail is now 4 days which is one day more than before. Another positive trend is that we are breaking previous record of collecting garbage from the trail, total collected garbage is now over 1000kg.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who once again made Fjällräven Classic a great success. Without their genuine effort it would not be the same. When I ask them where they get their energy, the answer is often the same, they love the outdoor life and are excited to see how more people discover the outdoors. I think this is wonderful, because that is exactly why we are organizing Fjällräven Classic.

Again, thank you for your participation and commitment!


Best regards

Andreas Cederlund