A new season has arrived

Written by Andreas Cederlund 3 Sep, 2014 in "Okategoriserade"

We can feel it: fall has arrived. The crisp breeze, the leaves that are starting to turn and long summer days that are becoming noticeably shorter. A season of transition from summer to winter that once again puts our outdoor gear to the test.

For the upcoming season, our development team has once again ventured out into the wilderness to come up with reliable products for unforgettable outdoor experiences. One of our exciting pieces of news is our new high-end synthetic insulation G-Loft Supreme that can be found in our new Keb Loft Jacket and Övik Loft Jacket W. Other newcomers include Keb Down Jacket, Sarek Winter Jacket W, Övik Knit Sweater W, Abisko Trail Trousers, Övik Down Skirt and timeless classics such as the Greenland Backpack and Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket.

G-Loft Supreme

Exclusively developed for Fjällräven, G-Loft Supreme is our new high-end synthetic padding with exceptional insulating properties, even in wet conditions. It is light, compressible and with a great down feel.

Learn more about G-Loft Supreme

Technical trekking with Keb

For the highpoints of your outdoor life – the Keb series has been developed for demanding trekking with an emphasis on freedom of movement, fabric functionality and durability.

Have a look at the Keb Family

Keb loft Jacket

With the same high level of functionality as the other Keb series products, this reinforcement jacket is padded with the new synthetic G-Loft Supreme that feels like down and has an exceptionally high insulating ability, even when damp.

To Keb Loft Jacket

Övik Loft Jacket W

A timeless jacket with G-Loft Supreme padding that works just as well on the way to work as on cold days in the forest when the temperature is around zero and the weather can’t decide if it is going to be above or below freezing.

To Övik Loft jacket and Övik Loft Jacket W

Our down process is highlighted

Written by Aiko Bode 18 Aug, 2014 in "Sustainability"

We are the first outdoor company, selected to contribute to the UN Global Compacts annual global yearbook. Especially appealing is the supply chain management of our down flow – setting an example for the whole industry.

The Global Compact International Yearbook is a product of macondo publishing in support of the UN Global Compact and the advancement of corporate sustainability globally. Here you can read the article.



Three different types of shorts

Written by Andreas Cederlund 27 Jun, 2014 in "Okategoriserade"

We develop all our products based on how you use the product in the outdoors and for a certain usage in mind. All our shorts are practical for their purpose and durable.

Abisko and Nikka shorts, for the active trekker

From left to right: Abisko Shorts are technical briefs for the active walker, a combination of durable G-1000 and stretch. Te

Karl and Karla Shorts, clean and simple

Clean, uncluttered design suitable for the outdoor recreation and leisure in general. Sewn from durable G-1000 Silent with soft brushed surface. Spacious map pocket with flap and bellows on the right leg, two side pockets and two back pockets. Read more about Karl Shorts. Or the women’s version Karla.

Shorts No.5, workhorse

Made-in wind and water resistant G-1000 Eco with recycled polyester and organic cotton with extra strong G-1000 Heavy Duty at inner leg and hem on the leg pockets. As in all the Numbers garments, materials and details selected to minimize environmental impact and to make it easy to replace the working parts, after years of use. Learn more about Shorts No. 5


Abisko, Karl and Shorts No. 5

Keb Trousers Regular vs. Keb Trousers Long?

Written by Andreas Cederlund 25 Jun, 2014 in "Product guides"

What exactly is the difference between Keb Trousers Regular vs. Keb Trousers Long? And the women Keb Trousers W Short and Keb Trousers W Regular.

It is all very simple. The length is the only difference.

Keb Regular “original” inseam: 82 cm
Keb  Short inseam: 77 cm

Keb Trousers Regular inseam is 92 cm
Keb Mr. Long “Original” inseam: 97 cm

Keb Gaiter Trousers and women’s version Keb Gaiter Trousers W is only in the length “original” ie. 97 cm and 82 cm.


How to keep nature clean

Written by Aiko Bode 2 Jun, 2014 in "Sustainability"

Often when we are out in nature we see many tracks from people we rather had not seen, it’s pretty simple to to something about these things.

We have put together an instructional video on how-to keeping our environment clean with some simple tips.

Fjällraven Abisko Trousers Review

Written by Andreas Cederlund 14 Apr, 2014 in "Product reviews"

The Abisko Trousers, our technical trekking trousers that combine stretch and G-1000 for high mobility and durability has been tested by one of the leading outdoor magazines in the UK Trailblazer Outdoors.

Fjällräven Polar 2014

Written by Andreas Cederlund 7 Apr, 2014 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Finally Fjällräven Polar 2014 has finally started, 20 participants from all over the world have gathered in Stockholm for onward transport to Signaldalen north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, where Fjällräven Polar starts. Follow the adventure!


Akka Endurance 3, “gear of the year” 2013

Written by Andreas Cederlund 17 Dec, 2013 in "Awards"

We are happy and proud, our tent Akka Endurance 3 was selected as the outdoor product of the year by the leading outdoor magazine, Utemagasinet, in Sweden. In recent years, Kajka and Akka Dome has won these awards as well. Functional and easy to use was the main reason.

Akka Endurance 3
Akka Endurance 3, “gear of the year” 2013 by Swedish outdoor magazine Utemagasinet.

Storm Test; Akka Endurance

Fjällräven Polar 2014, the application is open

Written by Andreas Cederlund 16 Nov, 2013 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Cold, dark and windy. Far, far from home. We believe that everyone can enjoy Fjällräven Polar, and now it’s time again, why not take the opportunity to apply for the experiencing adventure of a lifetime!
Ps. The new grants with the most votes between 12 and 12 every day have the chance to win a Nordic Heater. Ds


Father’s Day is approaching

Written by Andreas Cederlund 6 Nov, 2013 in "Our daily work"

Father’s Day is approaching in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia and Norway – how will you celebrate your outdoorsy dad?

We have a tip: look up a nice place in nature, make a big bonfire, bring good food, and gather the whole family and maybe some friends. Warm clothes hot drinks in thermos and sandwiches or hot dogs to cook over the open fire – that’s a perfect recipe for a great Father’s Day.

But it is also fun even with surprises and gifts! We have collected some ideas for gifts for the outdoorsy father. From warm wool hats to durable shirts, trousers – warm and functional for outdoor family days in the forest.farsdag-fjallraven

Hat: Byron Hat Thin, Shirt: Sarek Heavy Flannel Shirt,Trousers: Greenland Jeans, Belt: Murena Silver Belt