Keb Trousers Regular vs. Keb Trousers Long?

Written by Andreas Cederlund 25 Jun, 2014 in "Product guides"

What exactly is the difference between Keb Trousers Regular vs. Keb Trousers Long? And the women Keb Trousers W Short and Keb Trousers W Regular.

It is all very simple. The length is the only difference.

Keb Regular “original” inseam: 82 cm
Keb  Short inseam: 77 cm

Keb Trousers Regular inseam is 92 cm
Keb Mr. Long “Original” inseam: 97 cm

Keb Gaiter Trousers and women’s version Keb Gaiter Trousers W is only in the length “original” ie. 97 cm and 82 cm.


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  • http://iskosalminen.com/ Isko

    I wish you would make “short” versions for men as well. I own 5 pairs of Fjällräven pants and due to my “potato” bodyshape (short and stout :) ) I have to choose wider pant sizes. This means all my pants are at least 5-7cm too long, even with boots.

    This isn’t as much of a problem with simpler models (like Nils) that you can easily cut to length, but with models like Keb Gaitor pants (my all time favorite!), it isn’t as easy.

    • Dean

      Short version for men!!!

      I love the design of Keb Gaitor but the inseam of Keb Gaitor is too long for me.

    • f_rele

      I have inseam of 74cm and I’m 168cm tall. I use 31″ width and 30″ length jeans and they are about 1-2 cm too long. It is very hard for me to find good hiking pants. Length is wrong and the one’s that can be cut are not to my liking, or knees are in wrong place. Haglöfs Short is 75cm inseam and close enough for me. Why on earth Fjällräven does have inseam of 92cm for regular and 97cm for long. Even short women have to do with 77cm pants, 2cm longer than with Haglöfs versions. In Finland average height for women is 167,5cm that is pretty much my height and still short would be too long.

  • Sara

    So there aren’t LONG trousers for women? I tried the regular length on and they were too short, I need trousers with long legs.

  • Steve

    why is there 3 differrent styles and they are all sold together? even on your sites? I guess there prob diff years versions but there all the same price!? Some have the second colour that comes forward near the calf area, some have the g-1000 on the right pocket and others have the g-1000 on the left pocket and some on the left pocket but right side of that pocket? The version at top of page which year is this? these have g-1000 on left pocket left side of pocket not visible in the pic above. thanks

  • Arnim

    Is this true? So as a man with short legs i can by a womens keb gaiter? I had a keb in 50 and it was always a bit too big and long. Now i am thinking of buying a womens 44, wich is a bit smaler.

  • dougie

    As a man who stands at only 170cm tall with an inside leg of 30 inches (76 cm) I am wondering if buying the Fjällräven women’s trouser would be a ridiculous idea? Whilst I am sure it would make sense from a leg-length perspective, I do not want to buy trousers that give me the appearance of having child-bearing hips! Any advice gratefully received!

  • Carsten Ejstrup

    Fjällräven… You need to respond to this issue about short legs in the mens version of Keb Gaiter Trousers.
    I would love to buy one or two pairs of the Keb Gaiter Trousers, but as others has written… they are just to long – even in legsize regular.
    Please respond if You will ever make a short version of the pants and/or if the womens version of the trousers actually would do the job for us men with short legs.