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Written by Nils Grundberg 13 Dec, 2012 in "Products, Questions & Answers"

Friday last week we had a “questions and answers day” about winter jackets on our Facebook page with our jacket expert Katarina Svensson. We have compiled all the questions and answers to make them accessible even for people who don’t use Facebook.

Jacket for skiing
I am looking for new ski jacket. I often become very warm and try to dress right under the jacket, but I am wondering if a soft shell ventilates better than Gore-Tex jacket and what you would recommend me?

I recommend you the Singi Jacket, it has generous ventilation openings under the arms and the outer fabric is G-1000 which generally ventilates better than waterproof jackets with membranes (such as Gore-Tex). With the Singi Jacket you can both go cross-country skiing and as well downhill skiing. Here is a video we made about the Singi Jacket: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwTTZOpd3tg

How to wash the Yupik Parka
Hi, I’m recently the owner of a Fjällräven Yupik Parka which I’m very happy with …but can you give me some advice about how to wash this jacket?

Wash in 40 Deg in your household wash machine. Line dry and iron at low temperature. You can also impregnate with flour carbon free W/R after wash /use if you find that it needs to be improved. Have a great winter!

Tips on a completely waterproof women’s winter jacket
I need a jacket that is completely waterproof, which would you recommend?

Depending on how warm you want it I would recommend Nuuk Parka, Ruska Jacket or Eco-Tour Jacket  – check our website for detailed information!

The best Fjällräven Shop in the Netherlands
I live in Netherlands, can you tell me, which shop that have the best assortment from Fjällraven?

We would recommend http://www.zwerfkei.nl/

Kaise Anorak vs. Anorak No.8
Just curiosity: for quite some time I am a proud owner of a Kaise Anorak, but this autumn my dealer “Bever” seems to have forgotten to order my Anorak No.8. I will straighten that, but just for the record: what am I missing…

Here are my thoughts:
1) Adjustable Storm hood
2) The Anorak No. 8 is longer
3) With the Anorak No. 8 you have great possibilities to ventilate
4) Even more durability

Is the Numbers Anorak No.8 suitable for winters in Denmark?
How durable is the Anorak Number 8 for winters in a country like Denmark – of course with something underneath? Weather is around freezing point, so there will be both rain and snow.

Anorak No 8 is a very good choice for Denmark. The combination of G-1000 Eco and Heavy Duty makes it very durable and protect you against wind and wet. When the temperature drops combine it with an insulation garment.

Fillpower for Supreme Micro Loft
When Primaloft is roughly 500 fill power. How much would the Supreme Micro Loft be that you use in your winter parkas for example?

Fill power is used for measure down not synthetic padding. For synthetic padding weight to weight needs to be compared.

CLO index for Supreme Microloft
It would be interesting to know then, what the CLO index is for Supreme Microloft, when Primaloft Ones value is 0,027 CLO/g/m2 (dry)

Thanks for a good and quiet hard question I will check that with our supplier but it can take some time to get back to you. Note: we still do not have this info, we will get back as soon as we have more info.

Padding in Yupik Parka?
How much padding does ex Yupik Parka have?

The Yupik got 250 g padding in the body and 200 g padding in the arms. Don’t hesitate if you have any more questions!

Ventilation in the Barents Parka?
Does the Barents Parka have any ventilation zippers or something similar?

The Barents Parka does not have any ventilation zippers. It’s mostly a jacket for slow-paced activities and everyday use, it protects you both from rain, snow, wind and cold temperatures.

Polar Parka or the Tour Down Jacket?
Hello and Merry Christmas! This winter I am going out on some winter adventures with tents. Wonder if I should invest in a Polar Parka. What would you say about it?

What you should choose is depending on how you intend to travel on your tour. If it’s on skis, I would recommend the Tour Down Jacket as an extra layer. However, if you travel by dog sled or riding snowmobile the Fjällräven Polar Parka is an excellent choice. Good luck!

A great jacket for London
What’s a good jacket for somewhere like London? Something warm but not too thick?

I would recommend the Barent Parka, where you get a padded parka in G-1000 Original and Heavy duty and a Hydratic liner that makes it wind and water proof.

The best Fjällräven Shop in Denmark
Which shop have the widest Fjällräven assortment in Denmark?

Fjeld & Fritid, Kultorvet 7 at least in Copenhagen, for all retailers go to the Danish website. http://www.fjallraven.dk/om-fjallraven/detailhandlere/

Plus sized Fjällräven Jackets in the UK?
Hi, a belated question – do you produce any Plus sized jackets for any big/tall stockists? (UK preferable but not essential if online)

The Sporting Lodge got a wide range of Fjällräven Jackets also in many different sizes.

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  • Qsilver_za

    How do you tell a fake fjallraven jacket ?

  • Paul

    I use the Fjallraven Eco-Tour and Eco-Trail Jackets.
    Please give me information about impregnation, What should
    I use for this purpose?

  • james

    I live in London and am looking for a Barents Parka for this winter — can’t seem to find any anywhere. Do you know when any of your UK retailers will have them in stock?

    • Sapnas

      finally, we are always jealous for u guys having all the stuff, now its your time ;)

  • Daniel

    I would like to buy a new winter jacket, TOMORROW (before my flight…). If you can, would you say the Barents or the Yupik is the most robust? Which can last the longest? I would much appreciate an answer … sorry I am so hurried. Even if it’s later, I would be interested whether the G1000 or the Nylon is the most durable over time!

  • Jamie

    which is warmer? the yupik or barents parka?

  • Bea

    Need some guidance!
    I’m willing to by “Nuuk Parka” [hope it's warm enough for cold winter in Baltic states]. But I’m confused about sizing. I’ve been reading some rewievs on many sites, and most of the people find this parka a bit larger than actual size. Should I buy one-size-down or the actual size? I’m 177cm tall and can’t decide between sizes M and L.
    Thanks in advance!

  • shilan

    hi i live in new york and I am looking for a winter jacket for men. the winters are really cold and snowy in here. which one should I pick sarek or barents?

  • Susie

    Is the Nuuk parka good for downhill skiing or is it too long?