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7 Quick Questions for Kenth

Written by Andreas Cederlund 1 Feb, 2012 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Fjällräven Polar is starting in two and a half months in Norwegian Signaldalen. Kenth Fjellborg is a professional dog musher and one of the founders of the event. He has also organized Fjällräven Polar ten times. Kenth and his dogs … Fortsätt läsa »

Properly equipped for an adventure 200km north of the Arctic Circle.

Written by Andreas Cederlund 21 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

Fjällräven Polar’s participants are going to experience the fantastic natural environment of the far north during their time with us, but they are even going to experience its extreme climate. The Fjällräven Polar route travels through a region which has … Fortsätt läsa »

Could you be one of us?

Written by Nils Grundberg 7 Oct, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

In April 2012 around twenty adventurers full of expectations will be standing in Signaldalen, Norway, far above the Arctic Circle. Will you be one of them? If you are lucky, the sun will be shining warmly, but there is also … Fortsätt läsa »

Fjällräven Polar is back

Written by Andreas Cederlund 14 Sep, 2011 in "Fjällräven Polar"

I am looking forward to April, to northern Lapland, and to that feeling I get when I am far out in the wilderness and it is really, really cold. That feeling that nature is just standing still and waiting. And … Fortsätt läsa »

How to enjoy yourself for three months in the wild

Written by Nils Grundberg 11 Jan, 2011 in "Uncategorized"

David Erixon and Fredrik Vestergård have gone approximately 1300 kilometres on cross country skis through-out the Swedish mountains with one constant goal – to enjoy themselves. Instead of seeking praise for their adventures the melody of their jourey was more about … Fortsätt läsa »